Where there’s fire, there’s focus.

It’s only natural that your eye — and everyone else’s — will be drawn toward the fire. That’s why we make a wide range of designs to suit any décor and fire styles to suit any room in your house. Just choose the style or styles that match what’s in your mind’s eye.

Traditional décor brings to mind words like comfortable, casual, and classic. Our offerings include styles that would be right at home in any traditional setting from early American to neoclassical to French countryside.

A fusion of the traditional and contemporary, transitional décor embodies a more eclectic sense of style. In keeping, our transitional offerings provide offers a widea broad range palette of design options for designing and creating your ideal timeless fire.

Sleek and streamlined, we crafted our modern fires to blend seamlessly with what’s current now and will be in years to come. These are simpler, more subdued designs, emphasizing form and function over any other aesthetic detail.

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